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Voluntary and Charitable Work

Deprived communities exist worldwide where vast numbers of people live in poverty, under extremely difficult circumstances, with limited or no access to basic human needs such as clean water, plumbing, electricity or sufficient food.  

Research has shown that these communities can have very high unmet mental health needs, particularly for children and 


We aim to undertake periods of voluntary or charitable work on a regular basis.  We work with local organisations, such as NGO's (Non-Governmental Organisations), Children's Homes, local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Universities or academic departments.

We are always happy to present our experiences to interested CAMHS teams.  Due to demand, we sometimes repeat the same presentation to several different teams/services, with very positive feedback.

We offer presentations to any group of individuals or Health or non-Health organisation interested.  If you are interested in hearing about our experiences, please Contact Us with your details.  

We would be happy to present our experiences to you, often at no charge.  One of our goals is to inspire individuals of all ages to engage in periods of voluntary work.

Professionals may arrange pro bono clinical work at local clinics or provide tailored training in Child & Adolescent Mental Health.  

Personal donations of much needed equipment to individual facilities, such as old computers, audio equipment, kitchen equipment, linen, blankets, books or toys can also be made.  We recommend that you go in person to meet the children, community, clinic or organisation that you want to support, to experience the enormous need and the wonderful work that is being done.  

Please however always consider risk issues and liaise with professionals or authorities in the area before you visit if the area is a high risk area.  

Getting involved and helping children without resources is a life changing experience; you will meet some extraordinary people and you will gain more than you can ever give. 

We always aim to work in a way that is sensitive to and respectful of the local culture/s, traditions, social structures, needs and services. 

It is therefore advisable to ask the local services how you can best assist or help.  In some situations, it may also be appropriate to seek permission from other groups, such as community elders, leaders or councils, before engaging in voluntary work.  

Local facilities will be able to advise you.

If you are interested to volunteer in deprived areas or contribute in some way and you feel that further discussion would be helpful, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.  We are always happy to discuss this topic and we can provide you with more details of our work.  We might also be able to provide you with contact details of other organisations or professionals who might be able make suggestions or arrange particular work experience or other opportunities to contribute.

Please visit for information on Mental Health Bus International Projects, the international outreach division of CINAPS Ltd.  MHB IP aims to deliver outreach specialist mental health services to vulnerable, often hard to reach, children in areas of high risk and high need in developing countries and underprivileged communities in the UK and other developed countries. 

Organisations or individuals are most welcome to Contact Us for more information, to request a presentation or services for a particular area of need.   

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