Cambridge Independent Neuroscience and Psychiatry Services
Professional Resources
We offer training, consultation, supervision, practical problem solving, crisis resolution and morale strengthening sessions to individuals in organisations such as Health, CAMHS, Education and Social Care.  Systemic principles are applied.  We also offer Quality of Care Evaluations including Medical Appraisals and Non-Medical Appraisals.  

If you require more information on training, please see 
Training Courses.  Training courses are sometimes offered pro bono. 

We offer seminars, lectures and presentations on our work (previous and current projects with statistics and/or true stories) or relevant topics relating to child mental health and service development in high risk areas and/or for hard to reach children. Professionals can also request to join our case conferences, academic meetings or CPD group.

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The assessment tools below and information on this website should only be used as part of a comprehensive assessment by professionals with training and experience in the assessment of children and young people with mental health problems. 
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