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For enquiries, further information, or to arrange an appointment, please contact us by telephone or by email.  We do however ask that you do not email us with any personal confidential information, that is your name, surname, date of birth, address or the name of your school.  

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8123 4017

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 969 090


We accept referrals directly from young people.  We accept self-referrals from children, adults and families, as well as referrals from GPs and organisations or professionals who work with children.

We recommend that families are made aware of the referral and are part of the assessment and treatment.

We always write to GPs after assessments and during treatment, as per good practice guidelines.   

Form A2 provides relevant information regarding our services. 

We ask that patients and/or families read, complete and return both Form A1 and Form A2 to us, should they require an appointment.  

Form A1 Patient Information Sheet

Form A2 Consultation Information and Consent Form


Information on Fees

Pro Bono Applications

Please contact us if you are interested in viewing or discussing our fees. 


1.  We recommend that patients and/or families take time to consider what they would like to achieve from the appointment; whether they have specific questions that they would like answered or specific topics that they would like to discuss at the end of the assessment.  It is often a good idea to write these items down before the appointment.  

The purpose of a psychiatric assessment is to provide clarity and an understanding of the current presentation, difficulties or concerns, and to provide recommendations on steps forward to achieve goals.  

Many individuals or families feel it would 'put their minds at ease' to know that possible medical causes, neurodevelopmental problems (such as ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder) and mental illness have been assessed for and ruled out by an appropriate specialist.  Individuals or families sometimes want certainty regarding a specific diagnosis or clarity regarding their own or their family member's mental health so that they can educate themselves regarding their needs and support required.

We routinely screen for medical & neurodevelopmental disorders, as well as serious mental illness. 
It is our opinion that all children and young people presenting with significant concerns relating to mental health or neurodevelopmental problems (such as ADHD, ASD), causing significant distress or significant impairment (a child or young person unable to do what he or she wants or needs to do, or unable to develop from an emotional, social, cognitive or physical point of view), should be seen by a consultant child psychiatrist (psychiatrist with CCTs in Child Psychiatry) for a comprehensive initial assessment to assess for possible medical causes (not uncommon in children), neurodevelopmental disorders (can appear very similar to other mental health disorders in children) and mental illness (can present very different in children compared to adults).  

Psychiatric assessments provide a bio-psycho-social formulation, which aims to deliver an understanding of the presentation (impression), along with bio-psycho-social recommendations for treatment.  Bio refers to medical and medication, psycho refers to psychological (includes various therapies) and social refers to social interventions, which can include a multitude of practical interventions.  

2.  We ask that professionals, patients and families read Form A2 to learn more about our services and what to expect before, during and after the appointment. 

3.  We ask that our fees are reviewed by patients and/or families.  The password can be emailed on request.  

Please see our Home Page for a list of private health insurance companies for whom we are registered providers.  

4.  If an appointment is required, further to reviewing our fees and processes, we ask that the completed Form A1 and Form A2, along with health insurance policy details and authorisation number if relevant, are sent to us.  

5.  We then, further to a brief referrals meeting to discuss whether we are the appropriate service for the referral, provide referrers with a provisional appointment date and time.  We also send an invoice for payment.  We usually have no waiting list due to flexible hours.  Please know however that our directors, and sometimes the bulk of our workforce, are sometimes abroad engaged in international work related projects, and therefor unavailable for certain lengths of time.  Arrangements are always put in place to provide clinical cover for cases open to us.  The directors also often return to the UK when required.  

6.  Further to payment, we confirm the appointment.  If the appointment needs to be cancelled, refund details are available in Form A2.  

7.  Feedback regarding our services is always welcome and can be posted to our correspondence address on our Home Page.  Feedback forms are available to all patients, families, carers and professionals who we have worked with.  

Patient Feedback

Colleague Feedback

Teaching Feedback

GMC Sample Colleague Feedback

GMC Sample Patient Feedback

Please note that CINAPS does not provide any emergency mental health services to new patients or patients open to CINAPS.  CINAPS aims to work closely with GPs and GPs should have information available on file regarding our assessment and recommendations, if we have seen a child, young person or adult.

If you require any urgent or emergency help or advice or if you have any urgent concerns relating to physical health, mental health and/or associated risk, or medication, please contact your local NHS Mental Health Service, Emergency Services, or GP immediately.


We accept referrals from private, charitable and governmental organisations who offer services to children and young people.  Most of our referrals are from GPs and paediatricians. 

Professionals can email or contact us directly to discuss referrals.  We are sometimes available to meet in person or attend team meetings to discuss possible referrals. 

We provide reduced fee and pro bono services to families, adults, young people, children and organisations.  Applications are usually completed by GPs, social workers or medical directors and are subject to availability. 


Our service contracts vary between NHS Trusts and also between private and charity service providers in the UK and abroad.  

We do however have a standard service contract, based on the standard NHS service contract, that we often use for service development and provision agreements.

Most of our service contracts are longstanding and open ended.  This enables us to be available at short notice when required for a fixed period of work.  Assignment details, with a fixed start and end date, are attached to the service contract.  Should services be required for longer, an additional assignment form is signed.  

Our hours are usually annualised. 

Our usual hourly rates can be found at Fees.

Please contact us at if you are interested in discussing services.  

We usually arrange to meet in person in the first instance to meet with the team(s), clinical leads and/or directors to hear and see how we might be of service.  Our initial meetings are sometimes with governmental officials in Health Ministries, the Department of Health or CEOs of hospitals.  We believe that meeting in person facilitates good communication and a good working relationship.  


Affiliate contracts are relatively standard for psychiatrists and other professionals, and are based on the standard NHS consultant contract.  Affiliate contracts include agreements relating to our service goals/aims (available on our websites) and good practice guidelines.  

Please contact us at if you are interested in joining our team or working alongside our team.  


We offer seminars, lectures and presentations on our work (previous and current projects with statistics and/or true stories - most stories are associated with positive outcomes) or relevant topics relating to child mental health.  

Specific topics can also be requested by children, families or individuals working with children, and these presentations may be offered at schools or places of work.  

Our CPD, case conferences and academic meetings are often open to external professionals and individuals working with children.  Individuals do not have to work in Health to attend.  We always value the perspective of other agencies.    

Please know that patient confidentiality is respected at all times. 

Please contact us at if you would like to attend our meetings. 


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