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Our Aim

Children have incredible courage, strength and resilience to move forward in the worst of circumstances.  It is our duty however, as professionals, to assist children in their journey by offering comprehensive, effective, evidence based, flexible, creative, accessible and user-friendly services, often specifically tailored to unique and sometimes complex needs, to support children, young adults, families and carers, and to work collaboratively with other agencies and professionals in medical and non-medical fields to meet the needs of children and families, promoting awareness of mental health problems and excellence in services among professionals who work with children, developing services through education and co-working.  This is our goal. 

Comprehensive initial assessments are key to reduce morbidity and mortality.  Our initial assessments are only completed by specialists / consultants in Child Psychiatry with CCTs in Child Psychiatry.  Our initial assessments are 1-2 hours per session, often 2-3 sessions.  We also frequently liaise with external agencies and the child's system to gather background information.  We review general physical health and screen for neurodevelopmental problems and serious mental illness during all appointments.  We provide an extensive report to GPs on children's presentations; impression, formulation and recommendations.  Our aim is to give children and families clarity regarding questions and uncertainties and to recommend steps forward. 

Our first priority, at all times, is to put the child or patient first, in terms of safety, development, general functioning and well-being.  First do no harm.  We appreciate that a bio-psycho-social (medical, psychological and social factors) and systemic approach (the system around the child, which may include extended family, schools, extracurricular activities, community, community leaders and culture within the community and home) is essential to inspire sustained positive change for a child. 

Our Background 

CINAPS LTD was founded 
in Cambridge, England, in February 2009 by Dr J Rundle and Dr R Venter, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists.         Dr Venter and Dr Rundle have been based in Cambridge since 2005.  

Their work in Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa, and the surrounding township areas, inspired an awareness of complex difficulties in vulnerable children and high risk communities, an interest in and respect for culture and diversity and the knowledge that asking questions and listening, rather than presuming, are paramount in affecting positive change. 

The reason for developing CINAPS Ltd is closely related to their interest in service development and service provision in areas of high need in the UK and abroad, which includes an interest to provide voluntary mobile specialist outreach mental health services in developing countries.  Please see for more details.   

Both doctors appreciate the opportunity to be available for service development and provision projects in the UK and abroad.  Working through CINAPS allows them the flexibility to be available for international work projects; both in developed and developing countries.  Working through CINAPS also gives them the opportunity to commit to consistently providing the highest quality of care to children, not only as specialists, but as a service.   

CINAPS encourages, promotes and provides all affiliated doctors and clinicians with the opportunity to take time to engage in pro bono work in areas of high need on a regular basis.

Clinicians Affiliated with CINAPS Ltd

Clinicians affiliated with CINAPS are registered with the appropriate professional regulatory bodies, such as the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, attend regular training events, keep up to date with the latest research and remain in good standing relating to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 

Clinicians share our service aims and goals.  All affiliates aim to work closely and collaboratively with other agencies, professionals, families and communities to ensure that children, parents and carers feel heard, informed and empowered.  It is our understanding that this collaborative and systemic approach encourages sustained positive change in terms of development, well-being and independence in children.     

Clinicians are mostly based in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and London, and have a broad range of experience in assessing and treating children and families with diverse needs.  

Affiliates are not only medical doctors, but also nurses, social workers, teachers, psychologists and other individuals who work with children.  Multi-disciplinary colleagues provide different perspectives, and with different training and experience, offer unique and valuable skills and resources within our team.  Multi-disciplinary environments facilitate learning. 

Please Contact Us if you are interested in working with us as one of our affiliates.

Conferences, Lectures and Seminars

We offer seminars, lectures and presentations on our work (previous and current projects with statistics and/or true stories - most stories are associated with positive outcomes) or relevant topics relating to our work or child psychiatry.  Regular topics include:

-Mental Health Services in a Multi-Cultural Context
-Developing Services in High Risk Settings
-Engaging Hard to Reach Children
-Identifying Mental Illness in Complex Presentations
-Identifying Abuse in Complex Presentations
-Differential diagnoses for ADHD and ASD
-False Negatives and Positives in Diagnoses
-Risk Assessment and Management

The location is usually in Cambridge or London, although we aim to be flexible with location. 

The seminars, lectures and presentations are often open to the public to raise awareness and are often free of charge.  Please Contact Us for further details.

Continuing Professional Development group

Our Continuing Professional Development group, along with our case conferences and academic discussions are open to all affiliates and sometimes to external professionals and organisations working with children or vulnerable adults.  Individuals do not have to work in Health to attend.

Please know that patient confidentiality is respected at all times during presentations and case conferences.  

Please Contact Us if you would like to join our CPD group or attend one of our case conferences or academic meetings.  

Our Directors

Dr JN Rundle MBChB, MRCPsych  

Dr CR Venter MBChB, MRCPsych

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

Dr CR Venter and Dr JN Rundle are medical doctors and specialists or consultants in  
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  They have been based in Cambridge since 2005.  

Dr Rundle and Dr Venter have worked in several medical fields/departments in emergency, hospital care and outreach settings.  They specialised in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and were awarded their CCTs in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Cambridge, United Kingdom, where they continue to be based.  

Both doctors have worked within the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK for more than 10 years and continue to work and teach within or alongside the NHS in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) and/or related services.

Both doctors have extensive training and experience in the assessment and treatment of complex mental health and neurodevelopmental difficulties in children and young people.  Both doctors have a particular interest in service development in complex and culturally diverse settings where no or little specialist mental health services exist for children.  

Both doctors have longstanding experience in teaching and training medical staff and paramedical staff in various medical and non-medical settings, as well as medical students at the University of Cambridge and doctors specialising in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry preparing for the MRCPsych exams.  

Dr Venter and Dr Rundle mostly work with young people aged 0-18, their families and the system around them, however they are often asked to see adults to offer an assessment or therapy.  They have training and experience in behavioural therapies, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), cognitive analytical therapy (CAT), group therapy, psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy, systemic family therapy and creative therapies.  This combination of therapeutic skills facilitates the ability to consider presentations from various perspectives and tailor therapeutic treatment appropriate to the patient.  

Professionals are welcome to request CVs. 
Special Interests:
-Service development and provision for children, including hard to reach children, with complex needs in a bio-psycho-social challenging and high risk setting in developing and developed countries.  Hard to reach children may include unaccompanied minors, young offenders, homeless children and children in prostitution
-Culture in relation to Mental Health 
-Complex presentations and/or systems
-Second opinion work
-Psychotherapy in treatment resistant cases
-Clinical risk assessment and management
-Public Protection and Public Health
-Medico Legal work (The Human Rights Act)
-Medical ethics in healthcare 
Please see Contact Us if you would like to make a referral or for further information on our services.

Please see Seeing a Psychiatrist for information on what to expect during consultations with psychiatrists and other mental health professionals.

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